Error generating PDF android 6


Good evening, I hope you can help me,
I am using the pdfMake library to generate pdf, the problem is that e versions 6 and 7 of android does not open the window with the pdf created.
Only in lower versions could someone help me to know what to do to solve this problem is a project in ionic 1
cordova version 5.0.0



Chrome for android does not have a native viewer.

I did literally yesterday a quick implementation which uses jspdf to generate the pdf, output it base64 and then save it as a file to the file system. Once you have that file you should be able to do a window.location or something like that.

Obv you’ll need to adapt for pdfmake but hopefully should put you in the right direction.


i found this solution => IONIC JSPDF
You can use File plugine , and FileOpener Plugin to open the pdf