ERROR Error: Error trying to diff '[object Object]'. Only arrays and iterables are allowed

how do i order it to display this array in the dropdown??


               <img src="assets/img/travel/city.png" width="25" height="30" item-start>
                <ion-label stacked>Pilih Kota</ion-label>
                <ion-select [(ngModel)]="shuttledestination2" name="shuttledestination2" interface="action-sheet">
                    <ion-option *ngFor="let data of traveldest" value="{{ }}"><b>{{ data.label }}</b></ion-option>

it’s not array. It is object of objects. Make it an array like

oke, if this object then how do i show this data in dropdown?

If you want to iterate over a object (map), you have to create a pipe that will convert it to array and render it through ngFor.

Search for angular pipes iterate over maps. This will guide you. Check this out

can you place your ts code here
specially declaration of variable traveldest

thismy.ts'data_m').then((prof) => {
      this.datauser = JSON.parse(prof);
      this.offset = 0;
      this.limit = 10; =  this.datauser[0].id;
    this.authService.getAll('traveldest',,this.shuttleagen,this.offset,this.limit).then((result) => { = result;
     // this.travelcity = new Array<Object>(;
      this.traveldest =  Object.values(;
      this.shuttledestination2 = 1;

remove this parsing and then try,and what is purpose of this code.

this.traveldest = Object.values(;

console or result above this line. if it is same as your above pic console then you can direct assign it it this.traveldest

this.traveldest =; or this.traveldest = result;

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Try this!

this.cartItems = data
this.cartItems = Object.keys(data).map(function(personNamedIndex){
let items = data[personNamedIndex];
return items;