Error: Could not find gradle wrapper within android sdk. Might need to update yo ur Android SDK

Cannot build out my application.
Even i have reinstalled my android sdk.
Can anyone build it for me? give me the link to tutorial how to build it on phonegap build cloud service.



Try to update your SDK as follows:

I’m with the latest ionic and cordova also, and i’m not having this issue.

Good luck!

I was having a similar issue. The ANDROID_HOME environment variable was in correct, It had gotten the tools directory appended to it some how. Probably from my own tinkering, but might be something to watch out for.

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For future reference to other readers. Yeah. Make sure ANDROID_HOME includes the version number of the Android API you’re targeting, e.g.:

… in ~/.bash_profile:

export ANDROID_HOME=/usr/local/Cellar/android-sdk/24.1.2
export PATH=${PATH}:$ANDROID_HOME/tools:$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools

If you had the ANDROID_HOME environmental variable in (for example) /Users/george/android-sdk-macosx, then you installed the Android Studio and after that at some point you have uninstalled it, then you should delete /Users/george/Library/Android folder.

I have same error: could not find gradle wrapper within android sdk when i build ionic, but i was solve. I just download Android SDK tools package and copy extract file to C:\Users\CURRENT_USER\AppData\Local\Android\sdk and build ionic/cordova again.

its work for me.


Thanks… It worked for me.

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Copied just the template directory from the .zip you posted here into sdk/tools/ and it works best! Thanks.

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thank you @trisna1192
it worked for me too on Windows 8.1

As easy as that.

I had the problem on Mac, so I did download the SDK tools, copy-paste it in /Users/username/Library/Android/sdk, and it worked instantly.

But I absolutly don’t know what causes the issue.


thanks for the link, DaCookie, had the same issue last two days but your link fixed it perfectly.

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Thanks @DaCookie :slight_smile:

Thanks @DaCookie, your suggestion worked for me as well.
I ran into this issue after I updated some packages.

@DaCookie Thanks for resolving but I still don’t get this happenings.
Recently I got 2 macs and I set it up twice in a row in this week,
and at the first time, this was worked fine with just install the Android Studio,
and I needed this kind of solution for the next time.

I don’t get this how SDK management system just got changed on the same machine and mechanism at the almost same moment -_-

just bad timming?

yeah i think @DaCookie solving is the best…
i was install android studio etc…but still doesnt work.
and then
Error: Could not find gradle wrapper within Android SDK. Might need to update your Android SDK.
Looked here: /Users/melodycguitarista/Library/Android/sdk/tools/templates/gradle/wrapper

some link give solution to download
i copy and replaced all in folder
and try running again ionic build android
for some while BUILD SUCCESSFUL

Total time: 8 mins 9.394 secs

Built the following apk(s):


Thanks! Worked for me!!

thanks DaCookie, its worked fo me.

Got it working thanks to @DaCookie advice…
Weird behaviour though

Works for me, awsome

thx u !!! share this link for others user

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