Error by Ionic Slide Box


Hello , i have a error by using slidebox.
I have define a array for collection images.

[ {a_1.jpg}, {a_2.jpg}, {a_3.jpg}, {a_4.jpg} ], 
[ {b_1.jpg}, {b_2.jpg}, {b_3.jpg} ], 
[ {c_1.jpg}, {c_2.jpg}, {c_3.jpg} ], 
[ {d_1.jpg}, {d_2.jpg} ],
[ {e_1.jpg}, {e_2.jpg}, {e_3.jpg} ],

I got everything fine by using $ionicSlideBoxDelegate, and auto slide is also fine.

But when my app change the aktuell image set from d to e-array for sliding, the image will also show the picture from array-d. It is wrong, it should only slide the image from e-array.

I just don’t understand, why it still show the image from past, wenn i update the content of image. (and only show this error, after the length of array changed from 3 to 2.)
For example:

$scope.slides = img[2];
<ion-slide  ng-repeat=" slide in slides">