Error Build in dashboard is make me crazy


Hello guys, I sent my app ionic v3 for dashboard, but its never build.
its the same error…
In my desktop build 100%, only dashboard does this error.
Somebody saaaave me…

[18:49:39] typescript: src/app/app.module.ts, line: 13
Cannot find module ‘…/providers/torneio/torneio’.

don’t find the modules …


i just dealt with this myself up on dash.

I went to build and looked at the log, mine was storage,


I did the following (for my case)

npm uninstall --save @ionic/storage
npm install --save @ionic/storage

then committed another master and build succeeded


Thanks man, but the module who dashboard don’t find, its my class modules who I created.

ex: class TorneioProvider {


is the path correct on this in app.module.ts
I’ve never see the dots in path



Done. The error was GIT command.
git add * send the providers missing.

thanks a lot.