Encrypt source files issue

i’ve got a question about permission and encryption.

Is there any chance for a user with " root permission device " ( ex Android ) or and unblocked device ( ex Iphone jailbroken ) to see source file of the app?

And in case, there’s a way to encrypt it ?

Using Dex2Jar and JD-GUI, one can easily obtain the source code to your Android application. Dex2Jar will convert the APK into a Jar file and JD-GUI will read any classes and files in it.

Links to the software here:


My recommendation to you is obfuscate your code. It will certainly give malicious users a tough time.

You can minify your JavaScript and use proguard for your Java classes to accomplish this.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any advice on iOS since I don’t know how native apps operate.

I hope this helps you.

on ios its even simpler!

You can use iExplorer and you can copy the app files directly to your file system.

sad i know :frowning:

Thanks nicraboy for this software on Android , your suggestions will be really useful .

For IOS i found this article : [Cordova iOS Security][1]

What you think about ??
[1]: http://oleksiy.pro/2012/12/27/cordova-ios-security/

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Hi @mattiaprovincia,

My best recommendation to you is obfuscate wherever possible. Feed your JavaScript through a minifier and make it more trouble than it’s worth for a malicious user to decipher your code.

No matter how you choose to protect your code, if someone wants in bad enough they’re going to get in. The best you can do is make it difficult for them.

Hi @nicraboy ,

thanks for the reply , do you know a very good javascript obfuscator ??

Hi @mattiaprovincia,

I would recommend using UglifyJS to obfuscate your JavaScript.

I also made a post on how easy it is to find the source code from an Android APK file:

I hope this information helps.


sadly its an old project that is not working anymore for newer versions of iOS :frowning:

if you are using proguard do you have the steps to do it