Emulator not found, testing Android on Mac OSX

I’m working on Mac OSX, and I’ve been having problems with the following error:

Error: No emulator images (avds) found.

I can’t seam to find any solutions (that I would understand) online. I’ve got Android Studio installed, and the project builds well, but what do I do from there?

Any advice will be highly appreciated!

You have to follow two steps in order to work with emulators.

First of all, open the Android SDK Manager, and select a particular version of Android (such as 8.0.0 or 7.1.1). From there, you can install several packages, with some being marked as “System Image”. Pick one (or more), and install them.

After you’ve done this, open the Android Virtual Device (AVD) Manager; for example with the command “android avd” (not sure it works on Mac though since I’ve never used one). Here you can create a new virtual device.

If you need more information you can use the following page: