Emulate mouse click/drag as tap/swipe

I am using Ionic Framework 5 for app development.

I have created app that is designed for touch screen. I can try it quite well in iOS simulator or Android emulator. However, since I don’t have a touch screen with me now, I cannot test if touch event is worked if I compiled as Electron app and run it on Raspberry Pi with touch screen. Therefore I would like to simulate the swipe gesture by mouse drag.

For example, if I put an image on page. In mobile OS, the swipe can trigger correctly to swipe page, but on Pi or Windows, regardless running Browser or Electron, dragging mouse does not swipe page at all (and even drag the image out if dragging on image). Is there any way to emulate touch behavior on Browser or Electron?

Even fully disable mouse event is fine because mouse is not supposed to be used at all.