(swipe) doesn't fire on phone or emulator by touch


today I’m back with ionic and the first thing fail. I think its a simple failure by my side, but I can’t figure it out.

I will change from page with sildes to pages without slides. Witch page should shown provides a provider. Works fine.

So I tried to react on swipe on the content like following:

<ion-content (swipe)="swipeEvent($event)" padding>

and in ts

swipeEvent($event) {
    console.log('swipe direction: ' + $event.direction);    

The event fires, if I use mouse on emulator, but doesn’t fire with emulated touch or touch on device.

I have tried with an app with sidemenu and with an app with tabs. In both cases the same.

Is there something missing? or…

Thanks in advance, anna-liebt


I thought that this would be a standard problem. Has really nobody an idea why swipe with touch isn’t fireing?

In hope of any advice, anna-liebt.