Embed an ionic app in a native one


is there any way to run an ionic app inside a native app?

We have a old native app running and we are on the go to migrate to ionic, this kind of embed whold help a lot in the process.

I mean, it’s less of a question about embedding “ionic” it self, as it is just a UI library.
You’d want to look into embedding cordova or capacitor into a native project instead.

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Another option for you could be to run both apps, the new one and the old one, on the device and NOT needing the Ionic app to be embedded in the old native app.
They just run side by side, like I run Gmail and Google drive and Google Chrome on my browser. New features run on the new Ionic app, old on the old app.

Wouldn’t it be simpler? I think so.

in my case its not possible, the aplications are offline style, i cannot share data between, but thanks for the advice.

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