Email Composer version 0.8.2


I need to click on a link within the app (email icon), the user’s mail application is opened with a preloaded mail.

Previously using the email composer plugin, installing with:
cordova plugin add

And using open method like this:
module.controller('ThisCtrl', function($cordovaEmailComposer) { var email = { to: '', subject: 'Contact', isHtml: true }; $, function () { // user cancelled email }); }
When updating the application 2016:

  1. When installing gives “Error failed to fetch plugin”

  2. Installing with:
    cordova plugin add
    As indicated in mentioned code does not work

  3. Installing with:
    cordova cordova plugin add-plugin-email-composer
    As shown in the code above does not work.
    Besides changing $ per with this plugin it does not work either.

What is the correct way to install the plugin (or similar) and the code to use? Any example?



check out

#3 Works!