Email Composer version 0.8.2

I need to click on a link within the app (email icon), the user’s mail application is opened with a preloaded mail.

Previously using the email composer plugin, installing with:
cordova plugin add

And using open method like this:
module.controller('ThisCtrl', function($cordovaEmailComposer) { var email = { to: '', subject: 'Contact', isHtml: true }; $, function () { // user cancelled email }); }
When updating the application 2016:

  1. When installing gives “Error failed to fetch plugin”

  2. Installing with:
    cordova plugin add
    As indicated in mentioned code does not work

  3. Installing with:
    cordova cordova plugin add-plugin-email-composer
    As shown in the code above does not work.
    Besides changing $ per with this plugin it does not work either.

What is the correct way to install the plugin (or similar) and the code to use? Any example?


check out
Tom Works!