Dynamic news feed charged from different data sources in ionic mobille app with firebase

I’m new in ionic mobile apps, My goal is to build a dynamic news feed in my home page like the Facebook timeline using ionic and firebase.

Please help me to build a news feed that must be charged dynamically from different type struct (A {image,time, description, user-id, title}, B{image, title, button}, C{title, number}…) then displayed them in ion-cards with different disposition; mentioned in the image below


It’s important to keep in mind that this forum is a collection of volunteers who are trying to help one another.

So what I’m seeing here is basically what a client might typically come to me with: an idea for an app and a rough description of what some screens and data structures should look like. If that’s what you’re looking for, then I would suggest moving your thread to the “jobs” subforum, where I’m sure you will get lots of offers from people willing to work for you and build the app out.

Yes, that’s going to cost you money.

Ordinary forum question threads tend to look more like this:

I’m trying to achieve X. To that end, I’ve written this code here:

code goes here

When I do Y, then I’m expecting to see Z. However, I’m actually encountering W. Any assistance would be appreciated.