Dynamic Menu from database and navigation

in my app I want to generate side menu dynamically from database .and menu is multi level. please suggest me how do I do this . menu structure like bellow

Parent Menu 1
	Chield Menu 1-1
	Chield Menu 1-2
	Chield Menu 1-3

Parent Menu 2
	Chield Menu 2-1
	Chield Menu 2-2
	Chield Menu 2-3

Parent Menu 3

Could you share what you’ve tried so far?

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I have not tried anything yet ,I just share the requirement .I am new to this both framework (angular2 and ionic2) ,so I need some time for r&d with angular2 to see how loops work for parent child data .if you can suggest some thing that will be grate to start .

please help me if you got an answer regarding this …i have same problem please share me.