Create menu with ionic 2 and angular 2


je suis en train de développer une application mobile , et je besoins d’un menu comme indique a l’image , cette menu c’est pas comme la menu side
Can you help me please


Maybe side-menu starter template can helps you.

Check the Getting Started guide for more info.


Not at all, not here, thank you for answer


What’s your question, since my french is a bit rusty nowadays?


My question, is how to create a menu like this


please can you helpe me


Well if you can explain to me why a sidemenu template wouldn’t help in this case?

From what I can see it’s actually a pretty good idea to implement a sidemenu (which is set to the android style drawer, which overlays your app) on the right hand side of your app. This menu shouldn’t necessarily contain navigation. So, inside this side menu create an ion-list. This ion-list can then contain your different ion-selects, which are styled in any fashion you like.


ok , How to pass the parameter (data json) from the home page to the side menu


Store it in a shared service