[DUPLICATE] Sentry errors [object Object] follows GET ./assets/i18n/en.json


I have deployed Sentry in my app in production since a couple of days and I’m now getting a couple of exception report following the initialization of the translations.

A typical stacktrace looks like:

xhr    GET ./assets/i18n/en.json [0]
sentry   [object Object]
console   ERROR [object Object]
sentry  [object Object]

Did anyone already faced these issues? Did you manage to solve them?

I’m unfortunately so far not able to reproduce these errors, therefore I would really appreciate any hints!

P.S.: Right now, my only idea is that maybe initializing the translation in the constructor of app.component.ts may be sometimes too fast? Should I init these only on device.ready or in ngOnInit?

I gonna close this issue in favor of the following one, looks like this weird issue isn’t the only one of her kind