Dropbox chooser and google drive picker


Hi guys,

has anyone worked with dropbox chooser and google drive picker in their cordova app? I have to incorporate these but I cannot find any plugin for them. I can’t use any paid service.

The problem with these is that the in app browser opens a popup for user authentication and it takes focus, ie., the user cannot go back to the previous page and the app is stuck.

If anyone has a solution or created these plugins etc, please let me know. Thanks.


For Dropbox, I’m using this plugin successfully in iOS and Android: https://github.com/cv-library/phonegap-plugin-dropbox-chooser

It’s very easy to use, but I wrote a blog post with a bit of extra info here: http://pauljandrew.github.io/2015/07/06/ionic-dropbox-integration/

As far as I can tell, no one’s written a plugin for Google Drive yet…


HI Guys,

If anyone have example code for implement dropbox chooser in angular2+ionic 2 environment, could you please share it.

As gaurav_ch said
Has plugin(https://github.com/cv-library/phonegap-plugin-dropbox-chooser) but i don’t know how to import in pages
import{DropboxChooser} from ‘’";

@pandrew : please help me if you have code.

If any queries please let me know,
Thanks in advance


Just use as you would in v1 app. Cordova.plugin way.

declare var cordova:any;

Then use as shown in example.