Draw over other Apps

How to draw over other Apps in ionic 4. I want my app will show overall other apps also in ios using ionic 4. please help me. Thanks in Advance

Hey, can you describe this use case in more details?

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like facebook messenger. If facebook messenger will display over other apps in every where in the mobile with small chat head. like that my application also will show the icon. If i opened my application and redirect from my application to youtuve or maps throug my application only. So, my application is in back ground and maps will display in fore ground. In that maps also my own app icon will display aside like facebook messenger. which is in ionic4 only. refer image also provided below.

please help me out from this issue.
Thanks in Advance

Waiting for @morphist reply…

Unsure you can achieve that with iOS and also there is no straight forward path for that in Android via Ionic.
I think you would be better off writing your app as native Android for such use case.

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Thank you for your reply