Createing a chat app

I am trying to create a chatapp with Ionic 4. Everything is ok except that i can’t get the messages to show from the bottom of the page up. I’ve tried doing it with ion-grid, ion-list . Does any one have some kind a solution ?

Are your chats in an array? Is there timestamp on the chat. Just sort them according to timestamp. Or simply reverse the array.

The problem is not in the array or the time stamp. It is where they are drawn on the view.
Currently when you start chatting it starts from the top of the screen like that

but the requirement is to be like the Facebook messenger to be drawn from bottom up.

there are existing solution … u can check the logic… basically the logic is when you receive a new data from firebase…

You will need to put place-holders in the array for the ion-list to keep the list pushed down and remove the place-holders as new entries are pushed onto the array.

Hope this helps