Download on website doesn't contain SCSS


When upgrading to a newer version of ionic, I find it easy to grab the latest beta from ionicframework…com but now I noticed that the downloaded archive is missing the SCSS folder.

Wouldn’t it be useful to include the SCSS version in the release archive for anyone who’s using sass?


It’s a good idea, but we’ve upgraded out base project from the CLI to use bower so you can update your project that way.

This is the preferred method going forward.


Bower it is! Thanks for the update.


I’ve tried to manually add the bower dependency into my project but when running bower install, it will create the bower_components directory in the root of my project.

I want the bower install command to put the files in the /www/lib/ionic folder, just the way it does when I run it in a beta6 boilerplate project.

How can I do that?

UPDATE: just found the hidden dotfile .bowerrc


This may be a question with a two lettered answer… but if you have an existing project that was not installed with bower is there a way to “make it” bower so you can auto-update the ionic libraries from then on?


Unfortunately no, you will need to create a new project and the copy your assets over


@andmar8 I just added the bower dependency via bower.json and then included the hidden .bowerrc file in my existing project. So you don’t really need to create a new project, but it does help to grab the bower config files there. After adding them to your project, just run bower install.


As i suspected I thought there may be a way to hack it…