Download ionic 2 template with CLI3

Hi everybody,

i have a question regarding ionic 2 templates,

Can i download a specific template version like version 2 if we say from my ionic 3 CLI,

or i have to use the version 2 CLI

any one guides me?, coz i have a book on version 2 and when i use the guides written in this book on my version 3 template i face some problems from time to time and the reason is may average to some codes updates or something else and this is why because i use the new version, and i am not familiar or have a straightforward guide like the book i have for the new version, and this cause me to search for the code updates for the point i am testing it in the book and sometimes i found a solution or not founding one and this makes me angry about the things that happen to me.

please help me:pensive::persevere::persevere::sob:

Just buy an updated book. It will save you all kinds of time. You really don’t want to use the v2 CLI, lots of bugs and deprecated code, compared to v3.