Download file in browser using rest api

We have a RestAPI which is downloading a BLOB, in this case it is a DATABASE file but it could be anything else like a PDF file or a DOC file,

Most of the time the method is working well but sometimes we see not the downloaded file in chromes footer.
My question is, which is the best way to download a file working on android app and also on browser, our solution for now is something like that.

<a #downloadBlob style="display:none;">downloadBlob</a>


@ViewChild('downloadBlob') downloadBlobElementRef: ElementRef;

this.exportStore.export(this.fromDate, this.toDate)
                        (exportBlob) => {
                            // data found
                            if (exportBlob) {
                                let url = window.URL.createObjectURL(exportBlob);

                                this.renderer.setElementAttribute(this.downloadBlob, 'href', url);
                                this.renderer.setElementAttribute(this.downloadBlob, 'download', 'recordings.db');



                                this.renderer.setElementAttribute(this.downloadBlob, 'href', '');
                                this.renderer.setElementAttribute(this.downloadBlob, 'download', '');

                            } else { // no data found
                        (error) => {

Not sure if Native File Transfer plugin should be a solution because we need XHR request with headers and cookies. Plugin supports Headers but I have to store them which could be a problem I think there could be a browser out of the box solution?


is this still open ? I have a similar problem… i want the users can download a file like DOC or PDF files…
my question , is there a way in Ionic 2/3 to download multiple document files from local server ? i am getting stuck in my project… i can’t see any source from internet…

This should be the right choice to download a file, if you have a look on cordova file download plugin you can see they dismiss the plugin in favor of this browser solution.

I think my problem the download does not pop up, was if the file has 0 byte. In this case the solution does not work.