Download blob file ionic

Hello everyone,
I want to download a binary file generated by a webservice .
I have this function :

webservice() {
			.map(result => result.blob())
			.subscribe(result => {
				var blobURL = window.webkitURL.createObjectURL(result);;
			}, error => {

But the “webkitURL” does not exist on type window… So is there a method to create an URL for download a blob ?
Or maybe another method to achieve this ?

You should check out :slight_smile:

Thank you for your fast answer
But I checked this plugin before and the download method use an URL but I dont have it.
I just have the blob (or whatever you want) “result” and no URL to download it.

Don’t you need it for this URL? What file type is this and what is your goal exactly? :slight_smile:

This URL is the web server URL, and we send an HTTP GET request to that url in order to get a docx/pdf file.

That request is returning a string, and I want to obtain the docx file from that. So I thought I needed to download the file from a certain URL, but i’m not sure about it.

How can I get the file from the string (without using the url of the webservice) ?

To me it sounds like you’re wanting to add an extra, unnecessary, step.

Exactly, so use on the URL for your web server? :stuck_out_tongue: It saves the file on the device, and you can then e.g. open the file with other apps and what not.

I’m not sure there is a way to do this, though :confused:

Hum, I was trying to use but I have to add a specific header to my request.
So can I add that header with the FileTransfer Plugin ?

download(source, target, trustAllHosts, { 
    headers: { 
        authorization: "" 

Should do it :slight_smile:

Really thank you for your help, but I will need a little more help I guess.
I have a prolem with the “target” property. I want that the user download it into the “Download” repositery. I tryed to use “file.dataDirectory” but dataDictory seems to not exist on type File. I also tryed to use the direct link like “file:///android_asset/storage/emulated/0/Download/” but didn’t work too…

Hav you a solution to dowload directly inside the Download folder ?

You’re using for the dataDirectory? What’s your current code?

Nevermind, the file plugin seems to work now, I just didn’t have installed the npm part

But, now, when my function is called, I got no return on my console, it seems to not download the file

import { File } from '@ionic-native/file';

constructor(private file: File ...){}

const fileTransfer: FileTransferObject = this.transfer.create();, this.file.dataDirectory + 
                       'file.docx', true , {
			headers: this.getHeaderWithToken()

.download returns a Promise, you don’t seem to be handling any errors or anything. Also, I believe you need to add your own slash after using dataDirectory: dataDirectory + "/file.txt"

True, I added the “/” before file and try to catch an error but nothing… (I added .then() and .catch() and it’s the .then() which is executed)

But Is there a way to find out if my request is correctly executed with this method ? Like the status number ?

If the promise is resolved it should be all good, there are several other methods in the File plugin which you can use to e.g. see files in a specific directory :slight_smile:

I tryed the + ‘/file.docx’) inside the .then() but it seems that there is no file at this path :confused:

I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t work anyway, you need to use File Opener

Thank you very much Mich356c, it works like a charm now :slight_smile:

could you maybe help me too? I have a blob URL that looks something like:
I’m getting error 2- incorrect URL

is this because download cannot save blob URL’s? because the blob URL needs to be changed or edited? or like what?

      //where i get my blob URL
      var blobURL= document.getElementById('myblob').getAttribute('href');

      const fileTransfer: FileTransferObject = this.transfer.create();, this.file.dataDirectory + '/recording.wav').then((entry) => 
        console.log('download complete: ' + entry.toURL());
        this.nativeAudio.preloadComplex('Vocal',this.file.dataDirectory+'/recording.wav', 1, 1, 0).then(this.loadedFile(), this.onError);
      }, (error) => {
        alert('error '+JSON.stringify(error));

Did you get any solution for this? Because I am facing same issue in my app. @AhrenFullStop