Double Tap: event support?

Sorry, sure this is somewhere in the docs, but is there a simple example/codepen of double tap support events?


I don’t think Ionic has any support for double tap. The Gestures code doesn’t define it:

There is :

  • ionic.Gestures.gestures.Drag
  • ionic.Gestures.gestures.Transform
  • ionic.Gestures.gestures.Tap
  • etc.

Thank you, what’s interesting is in the .js blob you reference, there are functions and comments to support doubletap, see at line #1054. I originally asked as hammer.js supports doubletap so perhaps this is a case of ‘in progress’ porting or testing of the doubletap event?

the HTML example/test at: lists:

      $, 'drag', dragFn);
      $, 'hold', holdFn);
      $, 'release', releaseFn);
      $, 'swipe', swipeFn);
      $, 'tap', tapFn);
      $, 'transform', transformFn); 

thank you

I don’t think so. I saw that as well but I think that was a remnant. You could post a feature request on GitHub.

Thank you, it does work as expected but apparently is not fully documented.