Don't work show file

When i get file with plugins camera,chooser etc and transform data.uri to filepath with filePath.resolveNativePath and put in openfiler or streaming not show
_path is (file:///

let options: StreamingVideoOptions = {
successCallback: () => { console.log("Success") },
errorCallback: (error) => {
console.log("Video Start Fail")
orientation: 'portrait',
shouldAutoClose: true,
controls: true
this.streamingMedia.playVideo(_path, options);

result MediaPlayer Error: Unknown (0) 1
on pdf
result sucess
but not show
loading ifinite
When I teste with file external is success.
not work on device Redmi 8 Pro
cordova 10
ionic -v 6.12.0
@ionic-native/camera”: “^5.28.0”,
@ionic-native/chooser”: “^5.28.0”,
@ionic-native/core”: “^5.28.0”,

Is there a specific reason you’re not just using an ordinary <video> element?

no, I find my problem, that’s plugin not work on android >= 9

When i use video, show me on console promise): object: {“error”:“requestpermission”,“message”:“unknown error.”}