Don`t use admob pro plugin! Steal 30%

I have bad news for you.
If you use this plugin, you lose 30% of your ad.

The creator of the plugin removed my comments

Whats wrong?

One day, i found that this plugin make request to

curl --request POST --url --header 'content-type: multipart/form-data;' --form app=ru.inkout.mcko --form os=ios --form net=admob

I made request and saw that “r” property is 30, so it means that i give 30% of my ad to admin.

What is in License?

If use in commercial project, please get a license, or, you have monetized more than $1000 using this plugin, you are also required to: either get a commercial license ($20), or, no need pay but share 2% Ad traffic, read the License Agreement for details. As a commercial customer, you will be supported with high priority, via private email or even Skype chat.

So, i think you understand that 2% is not 30%.

BUT! When i found it, i wrote it to admin. He was agree to return money and he did it.

What did he say?

He said that it is BUG of his LICENSE SYSTEM. When YOU are trying to hack his system by writing wrong licence key, the system adding you to black list.

So, i have few questions.

  1. What if somene else write wrong key?
  2. What if admin is lying? I think, add app id to black list when someone use bad license key looks like bad decision.
    The correct realisation is return 30% only FOR BAD REQUESTS!

So, as for me i have never use any licence key.

When i wrote to admin he sad that hi dont know when my app was added to black list (RLY? No logs?) and he offer me to return a little part of my money.

But i found a way to proof it by google analytics. So he had no choice but to agree.

Be careful!
PDF with Correspondence

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May ionic admins remove this plugin from ionic native?

Thanks for the advice!

really! :worried:
Thanks for sharing.