Admob plugin and consent / google UMP

Does anyone know a way to integrate the google ump sdk for asking Europeans their consent for showing personalized ads when using admob in Ionic ?

It seems to be mandatory to request the user’s consent in Europe and to use the google ump sdk for doing so, if we want to comply and get paid for showing admob ads. However, I was quite surprised to find almost nothing about this issue with Ionic apps. I am sure a lot of apps are using the admob plugin and must have faced this issue as well.

The only plugins I could find were incomplete or not considered stable. How do you guys deal with this ? Do you roll up your own consent dialog? I feel this solution is not enough to be compliant with google…

Any help would be fantastic!


Hello Ptrahan.
Have you any progress with this?
I have the same problem…

Hello plara, I worked on my own consent plugin but later abandoned the idea because apparently when using google UMP, users can very easily disable all options for ads and not receive any ads at all! And there is no way to detect a user did so. Now I use my own consent page where I ask the users if they allow to be tracked or not. That’s it. In admob, we can set it to serve non personalized ads with a flag for those that don’t allow to be tracked.

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Could you please explain?
I have an app in ionic with admob integration and I dont know how to create consent for the user.