Does node_modules's size affect to app's size?


node_modules’s size is 230MB and app’s size is 34MB(with crosswalk).
Does reduce app’s size if reduce node_modules’s size?
Does node_modules’s size affect to app’s size?


Not at all.
I noticed that after adding crosswalk, app size increased.
You can try crosswalk lite, it will reduce app size somewhat.
Also it depends on plugins you have installed. Just remove all the unnecessary plugins.


when export my app with crosswalk in lite mode and run in device
get following error:

the connection to the server was unsuccessful. (file ///android_asset/www/index.html)

not run app in lite mode correctly(I use of crosswalk for run my app in android old version)
and app’s size 34MB very big.


crosswalk add something like 15-20mb to your final build

and generally speaking, not directly the size of node_modules itself which increase your app size, but of course, more dependencies (libs from node_modules and plugins) you use, bigger your app gonna be. same if you include fonts, images or static content, more you add, bigger the size gonna be

when you build your app, only what’s really needed from node_modules gonna be used aka most of the time only the js code which also gonna be shrinked, optimized etc. as long as you use --prod in your command


The Crosswalk Project has been discontinued. Build your app without Crosswalk if you can. You might still need it if you have to support Android 4.x. But that’s a small and dropping percentage of users in most areas.


I only use of crosswalk for support android 4.x.
no exist another way for support android 4.x?


Take the (debug) apk you get, rename it to .zip and extract it. Now you can look at the files inside to see what actually uses all that space. I suggest using a program like WinDirStat to get a visual overview of the files and their size.