Does it make sense to use bootstrap in an Ionic app?

since we develop systems for a public administration all our front-ends must ensure the highest level of accessibility.

This is ensured by the use of bootstrap-based and government-approved templates in my case: GitHub - italia/bootstrap-italia-next: Repository provvisorio - WIP - Bootstrap Italia è un tema basato su Bootstrap 5 conforme alle linee guida di design per i servizi web della PA.
This is a customization of the official Bootstrap 5 framework.

In the past, I’ve used Ionic to build mobile apps and web-based front-end systems but I didn’t have the obligation to use bootstrap like now.
Now I must use bootstrap.

I’ve seen that it is possible to include bootstrap into an Ionic front-end (a web app) but this makes it impossible to use all the components of Ionic.

So the question is, does it make sense to use Ionic and bootstrap? Or is it better to just use Angular at this point?
What benefits could I have from using Ionic (without being able to use its components) and rather than Angular?

Thank you for your opinions and your suggestions.


My two cents is that it probably wouldn’t make sense to use Bootstrap and the Ionic Framework if you cannot use Ionic’s components. Just to clarify, if you were using Ionic, you would still be using Angular or whatever JS framework you decide on :slight_smile:

I use Tailwind CSS with Ionic. I only use the main Ionic components so that I get the feel of a native app and then use Tailwind to do the design customization. Maybe it could benefit to use Ionic for the base routing and navigation so you get the native feel and then use Bootstrap for all the visual components :man_shrugging:

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Yes, probably it still makes sense to use Ionic if you will compile the app for Android or iOS.
For a website it may not make sense.
For a PWA I don’t know.
Probably it makes sense if you will use the Capacitor plugins.