Does Ionic View App detect deviceready?

Does app deployed inside Ionic View app detect ‘deviceready’ ??

I have an app, when depolyed locally to my phone, and all the functions that are associated with ‘deviceready’ fire (i.e. get device token).
When I try the same app in Ionic View, that function never get triggered. Is that the view application’s nature, or is that I am doing something wrong in the code?

you should use the ionic wrapper of device ready:$ionicPlatform/
and the ready function

Maybe the device is already “ready” and the native event does not fire again

Thx. So the $ionicPlatform.ready() will still fire if the device is already ‘ready’. That’s good to know.

I’ve tried $ionicPlatform.ready(). I don’t think in my ionic view application I can see get the device token still. would you have successful experience getting the device token from the Ionic View app? Not from the local app.