Cordova deviceready Event in Controllers: Best Practice?

As you know, Cordova fires the event ‘deviceready’ when it’s fully loaded. I want to use that event to run a function in which I can execute the plugins safely. Can I simply add this in each controller (each of my views have a seperate controller)? Is it a good idea to listen in each view to the same event? What’s the best practice?

.controller('CtrlOne', function($scope) {
    // Listen for Cordova's ready
    document.addEventListener('deviceready', onCordovaReady, false);
    function onCordovaReady() {
        // Run plugins

I’m aware of Ionic’s $ionicPlatform.ready(...); function. But since it gets also triggered when running the app in a browser, I get errors because the plugins are not loaded (obviously).

Thanks for your help and expertise!

Does anyone have experience with this? I’m unsure how I should proceed.