Does Ionic Plan On Implementing a Calendar Datepicker?


Just wondering - I’m looking at integrating some other ui frame works to get this feature like

and PrimeNG

On the roadmap, it states that Beta 11 will have:
Date/time input
Embeddable anywhere
Similar to new event in calendar on iOS

Thanks in advance


In lieu of hearing an answer, I went ahead and used a third party library for a calendar-datepicker component.

I went with this one:

I found this article helpful for adding the library.

You have to mess with typings and for the calendar component, they use moment js. But other than a few dependencies it wasn’t too difficult to set up.

At any rate, I’d prefer to just use an Ionic 2 component


Thanks for the links. It is going to be useful :slight_smile:

Otherwise same question. Is this a component under consideration? Any plans of implementing it?


Glad those helped. Has anyone else found good calendar date pickers they liked?


I just found this:

It really looks great but I am not sure if it would work with ionic 2. I’ve just messaged the author.


Hi, I´m really new using Ionic 2 and I want to implement a datepicker, anyone of you know how?


Have you tried the stock one?


Yeah, but now I need a calendar datePicker :c


I would like to use this one but I don’t konw how make it works.


Maybe something like this? I think bringing Bootstrap into an Ionic application is going to cause lots of framework conflict and confusion.


I tried but when I’m adding the line “NgCalendarModule,” on the imports: [] of the app.module.ts all the page go blank. I also tried the Demo but didn’t work, thanks any way… I’m going to keep looking for some that works.


Based on the implamentation of Ionic2-Calendar I could add a DatePicker Calendar of ng2-Bootstrap, just needed to add this lines on the app.module.ts:

import { DatepickerModule } from ‘ng2-bootstrap’;

imports: [


And then copy and paste the example of the page.


Hi, I created an ionic2 calendar component


This simple one might be of help to some - it’s in Ionic3


I think you can try <ion-input type='date'>


Just google-ed and found some of them: