How to avoid Ionic 2

Thank you Ionic Team for developing the Ionic 2 support for Creator.

However, for those of us in the middle of app design who do not have time for upgrading, and are happy with Ionic 1, we might want to stay away from Ionic 2 for a while.

Is it anything we should do to avoid automatic upgrade to ionic 2?


from my understanding as long as you do not use the --v2 during ionic start it will not use the ionic 2 framework.

Great. Thank you for your quick answer.

I guess now I have to find out what to do so that Ionic Creator does not generate Ionic 2 code for existing projects in the Ionic Creator.

Oh I have not done much work with the creator. I did check just now and there does not seem to be a place to select which version you would like to use. If you are using the paid version there may be a support ticket place where they can assist you further if no one here can. I hope you find your answer and have a great day!