Does Ionic app support Android overscroll effect?

Let say I have the following code and the app is running on Android:


Scrolling is available, but when I scroll to the top or bottom, there is no over-scroll effect (bounce or stretch) at all. How to make it show the overscroll effect?

Nope, doesn’t and never has. If you haven’t built your app yet, I suggest moving to Flutter if this is super important to you, as it’s easy with that framework. Someone will probably flag this as inappropriate, but it’s just a fact.

@Daveshirman I checked with DevTools and found that the problem was caused by style of class ion-page.

@thomasvidas Hi Thomas, any workaround for this? I’ve created an issue on GitHub and your team might check this out for details.

bug: Overscroll effect is not shown when ion-content being overscrolled on Android #25059

@tomjaihk yeah just so you know, I’ve brought this up in the past and I don’t think it’s gonna be fixed. They don’t even see it as an issue.

That’s so bad, especially when the overscroll effect is one of the key features of Material You.

Here’s reply from Ionic team:

Thanks for the issue. I am going to close this as this is outside the scope of what Ionic manages.
The overscroll effect in Android 12+ is not managed in the web layer. Instead, the Chromium webview must add support for it. I believe the Chrome browser has an experimental version of this, but it has not made its way to the webview. There appears to be an open ticket for something similar: 1256902 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail