Allow "overscroll" in Android with overflow-scroll = true


I’d like to know how could I allow an Android scrollable content (a div with overflow-y: auto or ion-content directive with overflow-scroll=“true”) to be able to “overscroll” or show content/bounce past the edges of the content.
It’s working fine on iOS devices, but I don’t know how to allow that “overscroll” in Android Devices.
I need to be able to “pull down” the scrollable content, the same way you’re able to do it with the pull to refresh directive, but in android phones I can’t pull down the content.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Anyone please? :confused:

I’m trying to implement something like a pull-to-refresh directive, but I’m not able to “pull” the scroll in Android devices with a native scroll (I really can’t use ionic’s scroll)