Does ion-infinite-scroll only work with <content>?

I am trying to have ion-infinite-scroll work for a horizontally scrolled section.

I made the horizontal section work with ion-scroll and I am trying to get infinite scrolling work with the ion-infinite-scroll component.
The problem is that it seems to only be responding to the content section scroll. Is there a way to bind it to the ion-scroll part?
I have tried inserting it inside with no luck.

<ion-scroll  scrollX="true" class="item" style="overflow: scroll;white-space: nowrap; height: 100px">

     <ion-infinite-scroll  (ionInfinite)="doInfinite($event)">
             <some_horizontal_img/> <!-- empty placeholder -->

@epetre, did you get it to work?
Looking at code it doesn’t seem it will work directly for horizontal scrolls.

I ended up creating a standalone component and binding to the scroll event directly. I didn’t find an ionic way to do it.

Hello @epetre, i have the same issue like you. For me i don’t use a full height of my page and i would to use ion-infinite-scroll. So can you tell how you do that ?