Does Appflow work without Ionic?

I am getting an error after my project builds in app flow : [ERROR] Sorry! ionic deploy manifest can only be run in an Ionic project directory.

I am using capacitor with tailwind/React, but not with Ionic. I was told and read that app flow can be used with any capacitor project. Is there tutorial on setting up appflow to work with a non ionic project?

NOTE: I have opened an issue on Zendesk, but since I am currently on the free tier, wasn’t sure if I was eligible for support. I do plan on paying for appflow and using it for this app to deploy to both app storees.

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Hi colinmac17,

Can you make sure you have the ionic.config.json file in root of your project?

If yes, do you have the "type": "custom" ​ since you are using a framework other than ionic. This would skip the ionic deploy manifest step in appflow.


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Yes all set! this worked. Thank you :slight_smile:

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I also had this problem. It would be nice to have it in the AppFlow docs…