Document Scanner in Ionic

I have Developed a Document Scanner ( Camscanner Clone ) in Ionic 4

Android Application is Hosted at

github repository is at
It is developed in Ionic 4 and some Ionic Native Plugins.
This is not a professional version at all but very small code can cater the more or less
camscanner like utility in Ionic 4 will not enhanced the app. But any body can enhance to professional level.

I request to enhance the App to professionally possible enhancements are

  1. Decorate the App with Good Theme
  2. List of Document like Camscanner with Image and Description
  3. Use SQLite Database for Metadata saving
  4. Patch Cordova Plugin for Document Scanner for B/W 2 Option as per CamScanner
  5. Good Use of PDFMake or use other PDF Generate Lib.
  6. Resizing Image and Have Setup for Bitmap Quality
  7. Folder for the Document Storing like CamScanner.

When i´m building your app, using capacitor utility ‘ionic cap open android’ and then i press build & install app, i have problems with the graddle build:

Any idea what is going on?