Ionic PDF Creator - Scan documents & Convert images to PDF

Hello guys, i want to share with you my latest Ionic application, which allow users to convert images to PDF and scan documents using mobile camera.
This app has a lot of features such as:

  • Selecting images From Gallery
  • Using mobile camera to scan documents
  • Customize Images appearance on PDF
  • Add text to images before converting
  • Save PDF files to devices
  • Work on IOS & Android

Link Play Store : PDF Creator

If you want the source code, you can found it on codecanyon :
Link : PDF Creator - Scan documents & Convert images to PDF


Awesome job, it works great on IOS and Android as well, i like the way to converting from Camera to PDF, how did you do that ? which ionic plugin did you use for that ?. Thanks in advance.

Hey, i’m glade that you like it
Plugins used in this application are :
Thanks for you reply :smiley:


Nice work done. My Requirement is to read pdf and scan it and get text from that pdf . Is it something possible with that ?

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Yes of course you can do it with OCR , it’s easy i thinkn you just need to scan image to pdf and then use OCR to read the document.

Hi Great job. Even I want to do a similar feature in my app. Is there any blog or video tutorial which explains the step by step guide to achieve it.

Hi Vasanthb,
I don’t think if there is any guide out there that explains step by step how to achieve that, Sorry for that.
But you can purchase the source code of this app and take all the parts from it that will help you to achieve your needs : LINK

However, if you want me to help you in achieving your needs, I’m available for freelancing if you want


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Thank you Men !!! That’s what I looking for.

I need your contacts for a freelancing job thanks

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