Do you recommend Android Studio or SDK Tools only?

I haven’t done android development before. I know I need the SDK installed so I can build. Is there any benefit to installing the full Android Studio IDE or should I just install SDK tools only? I’m running OS X.

Another option: you can use Intel XDK too :smile: It works on OS X. Benefits: complex IDE, you can easy build to more target platforms.

In Ionic context, the Android Studio would be useful only if you planned to develop or debug a Cordova plugin.

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At this point I’m mainly trying to figure out best practices for debugging and profiling an Ionic app in an Android simulator or on a physical device. For iOS, I open up my project in Xcode and run it on my device. Console.log() messages appear in Xcode’s debug pane.

I am reading through Android developer docs, but thought I’d ask here to get some ideas how other people develop. Thanks for your input!

For Android, best way to debug an ionic app on device is to use Chrome remote debugging, you get a real debugger, console and profiling. no need for an IDE.

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You can actually debug in ionic java code? Like debugging in the auto generated file? I used to have some hard times, using Log.v and running it on the phone, to check the variables and other things…

No I meant debugging JS code like you do in browser but in real device, setting breakpoints, inspecting variable contents , …
Which ionic java code? Ionic is not a compiler that turns your JS code into java or objective c

I meant the Cordova part.

 public class MainActivity extends CordovaActivity
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
        // Set by <content src="index.html" /> in config.xml

OK, then no you can’t do it in Chrome and as I said earlier:

But most ionic developers won’t need this otherwise they’d have chosen to build native apps

I know you cant do that in Chrome.

And when you said a Cordova plugin, i actually thought of the java part of it.

So is it possible to debug the java part at all?

Only with Android Studio