Do we add enableProdMode() to main.ts when we do a production build?

I’m trying to figure out whether we need to add enableProdMode to our main.ts before we do a production build as I was under the impression that it would be added automatically but when I look at some of our logs from Sentry I can see messages that the app is still in development mode?

What is the correct way to do this?

You should not have to deal with this. app-scripts handles it. You should not modify main.ts at all, however. If you do, perhaps the automagic of app-scripts will break.

If I remember correctly we changed it after your response on a unrelated other thread.

Its just odd that I’m seeing the message on Sentry.

I’m also seeing console messages and we remove the console plugin when we do production builds.

Sentry shouldn’t get this if it is only enabled for a production build.

I thought as much.

I’ll double check when we do our next build and and see if it repeats itself.

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