Do I need to / or how do I customize the build process?

Hi there. :smile:

I would like to change the folder structure inside the www folder significantly in order to conform to this angularjs best practises style guide. This is because its approach to modularity and naming would amongst other things make it easier to search for files in a texteditor or IDE. Would it require a lot of fiddling with build scripts? And which scripts if so?

Also, I tried building a project for android on Ubuntu 14.04-64 bit a couple of times, but I noticed that some image files were missing, which I had placed inside

www/data(created by me)/icons/.png.

Should I just make sure to put images inside the img folder in www? Or should the images inside www/data/icons folder have been found, meaning that there is something wrong with my android build process on my system (which I havenโ€™t fiddled with yet)?

Nevermind. No need to mess with the underlying cordova build scripts. I was using absolute references to files instead of relative paths. Nothing stopping me from changings the structure within the www folder. Or so it seems. :slight_smile: