Building Ionic-angular app under VS cordova template

My goal is to build an Ionic (Ionic 4 with Angular) app targeting cordova for output to android.
I used the built-in Visual Studio Cordova template to create an initial cordova project. The typical cordova folder structure is laid out under my project folder.
I then used the ionic CLI to create a new app under my project folder whose root folder is ClientApp. I used --cordova switch to indicate it should target cordova. I did notice that config.xml is added (when it wasn’t when I didn’t use the switch)
ClientApp now contains the typical angular files and folders. So the layout is now as follows:
MyProject (project folder)
(following create by ‘ionic start’)
/ClientApp/config.xml (put here when --cordova is specified)
/ClientApp/src/app, assets, mocks, models, pages etc

(following created by original VS cordova template)
config.xml (total 2 in this solution!)
package.json (total 2 in this solution)
/www/ css, images, scripts

Now, when I try to build for android output
cd /ClientApp
ionic cordova build android
This builds what’s in the ‘www’ folder that cordova template put there and NOT what’s in the angular structure ‘src’ folder

How can I tell ionic cordova build compile the ionic/angular project ClientApp??