Do I have to use Firebase in my App?

Hi, I’m walter, student developer.
Now, I’ve developed Ticketing App. So I stuck in modeling database.

My situation is,

  1. users reserve(buy) seat.

  2. users read my seat and concert information reserved.

  3. users search concert using keyword.

  4. sellers register concert information and seats.

  5. sellers manage concert information and seats.

I’ve used Firebase Realtime Database, but I felt it’s very hard to use.
Because, it’s hard to query and reference it.

The reason that i selected Firebase Realtime Database is to use Push.

.In my situation, what do i have to Database?
Firebase? Mysql?

Thank you…

Firestore is more intuitive. Try that.

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actually, I’ve considered it. I didn’t mention it. Yes I Try it :slight_smile: Thank you.

I am using