Do I have to use Cordova to build my app if I use a cordova plugin?

I want to use Ionic to build, package, and distribute my app, but I also want to use some cordova plugins for things like determining network connection. It’s not clear to me in the documentation exactly how deep into cordova I have to work in order to take advantage of its plugins.

@Spilot Welcome to Ionic!

Ionic is built on cordova but has its own CLI based on the cordova platform. So in essence it handles all the cordova for you while you use all the cordova plugins. It helps to know cordova, but as you learn ionic, you will be learning cordova.

So, your question is do you have to use cordova…truly no. It is possible to not use cordova at all, But it helps to know about it. The most I have done is add plugins, and update the cordova library.

Hope thats clear!

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