Ionic problem blank page

I developed my first app via ionic … I almost finished but there is problem I don’t know solution for this , my app problem is .
1- when I open it on explorer : No Error appear .
2- when I open it on chrome : appear white page when I click back button .
3- when I opened on Android : Works fine but when I swipe header It seen blank page behind it.
4- when I opened on ios emulator : it get white page after first link .

I didn’t use tabs or sidemenu
I install whitelist cordova plugins
I use $ionicConfigProvider.views.swipeBackEnabled(false);

by the way there’s no error appear .

Check your routes. My guess is you are referencing the HTML templates incorrectly. Are you seeing any errors in the console?

I was make this pages without tabs ,
but now I make tabs and it work perfect , but animate from page to page it’s disappear , Why?