Display an iOS Native ViewController when clicking one of the tab bar buttons?


In the past I was able to integrate some cordova / ionic / react native apps inside a native iOS app, having them be displayed when clicking one of the tab bar buttons.
I was wondering if anyone has done the reverse of that: with an out-of-the-box tabs app, add an extra tab that would display a native view controller.

Any tips would be appreciated.


Never done that before so all i can do is giving some help (hopefully) - the google maps plugin does something similar by creating a native map and set the backgrounds of all html elements in the ionic app to transparent :thinking:

Thank you very much @EinfachHans.
I was looking at two ways to go: 1. using something like cordova-plugin-nativeview or 2. hacking the tab bar button to have it perform an onclick action that would add the view controller (hacky as hell).

I’ll give it a try.

Again, thanks.