[Discussion] Publishing apps in the app stores?

Hello Guys,

PWA is getting more and more popular…and this is a cool thing. you write the code once, you can use it on web, mobile browser and install as an application.

Are you still publishing your application into the appstore?
If you are in the project this makes extra effort to make a deploy, test it etc.

What is your opinion? How you handle this situation?

Pretty much curious how you think about it…


Ionic is all about building “web-first” apps, so we’re definitely fans of building PWAs.

Personally, whether you should publish your PWA in the app stores really depends on your situation. The web offers the broadest reach, but many people are still conditioned to look in the app stores first, so that’s something to consider.

If the app requires native features that aren’t available on the web, then definitely publish in the stores.

Overall though, when building with Ionic’s tech, you’ll always have the option to deploy to the stores should you decide to in the future! :grinning:

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