[disabled]= true is not working for Windows 10 Desktop "EDGE" Browser

Hi ,
I am developing desktop application in ionic 2 angular 2.

<ion-input [disabled]=true>

this is not working on Edge Browser for Windows 10 Desktop.
The field is still editable. whereas it is working fine for Google Chrome Browser,

Please help this is a big blocker.

**Edge Version - Microsoft Edge 40.15063.0.0 **
Microsoft EdgeHTML 15.15063

first I thought quotation marks are missing.

Why on one browser working and not on the other I don’t know.

Best regards, ann-liebt

This might be your problem. Post your ionic info.

ionic version 3.19.0
node version v6.11.3
angular version 2

if you double click on any disabled input fields and keypress “delete” , the text in the field will get deleted.