Disable swipe to go back on <ion-content>


Is there a way to disable the swipe to go back that automatically gets added to my full screen-component? The component:

< ion-content class=“game” scroll=“false” fullscreen=“true”>
<canvas #StringForce>

and I navigate to it from my root component with: this.nav.push(StringForceComponent); where ‘nav’ is an injected instance of NavController.

Thanks in advance,

I have not figured out how to disable the “swipe left to go back” for an individual page, but I was able to do it for the entire app by making this change to the bottom of “app.ts”: (Beta 11)

let config = { swipeBackEnabled:false };
ionicBootstrap(MyApp, null, config);

This may be overkill in your case, but hopefully you will find it helpful.