Disable swipe left or right on Progressive Web App in Iphone's

I have a progressive web app built using Angular and Ionic. I am trying to disable back button on Iphone but it has not worked at all. I have tried using the following:

  1. GitHub - Zatikyan/angular-disable-browser-back-button
  2. Using Replace url when navigating to different page
  3. Explicitly setting window.history to null

None of these options have worked for me. Does anyone has any idea or any other options that we can try? or anyone has done similar to this?

Also, I would like to mention we would like to disable users moving the screen left and right using their fingers which is basically the back and forward button on Iphone safari?

Currently, this isn’t really possible for iOS. We’ve brought this up a few times to apple and the web standards body and they’re not sure if it’s a good feature to add or not.

At the moment, it’s a quirk that we have to deal with.